Development prospect

Since the establishment in Vietnam year 2004, after seven years of hard work, Kaiser 1 Furniture Industry (Vietnam) CO.,LTD have developed to be one of the three leading American furniture manufacturing companies in Vietnam, reaching five hundred container shipments output, and output value can be as much as US $7.5 million each month. For the enterprise sustainability, our development prospect and three goals are as follows:

Short-term goal (1-2 years)

Completion of two white body lines and six finishing lines of the hardware construction, equipment installation and staff training.

Medium-term goal (3-4 years)

Monthly 1200 containers output. Annual production US $200 million.

Become public traded company.

Long-term goal (five years or more)

Complete company humanities philosophy, the idea of "human-oriented" into full play.Through life and work, guide and stretch the importance of ethics into every employee’s heart . Make Kaiser become a first-class enterprise.

Extend the care for the employees to their family, make each Kaiser people realize the growth of Kaiser is mutually dependent on each one. Stand side by side through hard times and enjoy the reaping of success together. (Build day care center, school, and arrange family visiting, etc.)

Continue to expand the company professional level and the scale of production. Make every Kaiser employees proud of the job they have in the company. Let Kaiser be the leader of furniture manufacture enterprise in the world.

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