Company culture

Communication Care Innovation Accountability

Communication is the cornerstone of cooperation

Kaiser always know the effects of communication on work and interpersonal relations, thus it established the information center and employee relations department, which help to disseminate company information and policy among its employees. Every colleagues and employees have easy and smooth communitarian channel to the company and each other. Each manager of different department are willing to take advice and equipped with communication skills. Kaiser people believe: good communication is the cornerstone of cooperation, resulting in progress and coordinating the achievement.

Care makes the world full of love

Showing care between employees is what Kaiser people take pride in. Kaiser people believe: taking care for each other is the reason why world is filled with love. So we have labor unions that represent the employees, board committee that make sure all the meals are satisfactory, information center and employee relations department; these company bodies take heed and respond to employees’ needs actively and regularly examine the treatment employees receive from its supervisors.

Innovation promotes development.

Innovation is the source of enterprise growth. Kaiser people strongly believe in this idea and adhere to it. From manufacturing methods, materials, designs, production process and so on, all employees are encouraged to think outside of the box and push the envelope. “Best idea” reward has been established to nurture the innovative culture.

Accountability is brave

From the President to every employee, Kaiser people all deeply believe the importance of the concept of "taking accountability” and practice it in work and life. In order to develop the idea of accountability, every supervisors and managers have full authorization and executes it personally. "Admit mistakes, Take accountability, Innovative thinking, and the next step will be better".

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